Monday, April 09, 2007

In Which The Word "Chocolate" Appears Five Times In One Paragraph

I still can't believe my blog just reappeared like this. Yay!

I'm thinking about signing up here. I totally love this idea, but I'm such a non-committer. Really, I'm already doing this a lot anyway, but the idea of signing up for it makes me balk.

This weekend was N's 5th birthday. That blows my mind--FIVE YEARS OLD. Craziness. In about two weeks, J turns 1. That also blows my mind. Does this mean I'm getting old? My vote is no. My skin votes no too, by breaking out horribly. It seems terribly unfair to be getting crow's feet (I squint wayyyyy too much) and zits at the same time.

N had a great birthday party, full of far too many superhero-type presents and lots of sugar. I made him a black forest cake, and when he saw it he asked me where the trees were. It was really really good, and since I made too much (I always overdo it--better than not having enough, right?), I ate tons. I'm still reeling from the sugar binge. The next day was his birthday proper, and the kids got masses of chocolate from the Easter Bunny. Even Baby J got a giant chocolate Spongebob, which I guess means I got a giant chocolate Spongebob. I was absolutely not going to ply them with chocolate, but Grandpa had other plans and took on the role of Easter chocolate pusher. According to my sister, I am an Easter Scrooge.

There is more to say, but I am so so so tired today. All day I have been longing to go to sleep, and now that I can, I'm here on the computer. Dumb. I squint when I'm tired--more wrinkles! Gah.

Wednesday, April 04, 2007

Whoa. Dude.

I haven't posted in forever because I couldn't access the blog forever. After I made the switch to New Blogger, I couldn't sign in on either Ye Olde Blogger or Blogger the Seconde. Tonight I decided to just create a new blog (I was going to create it here on Blogger, I guess since it had obviously worked so well last time?), but this one was suddenly, magically accessible! Weird. Whatever. Opening this page has had the usual effect of emptying my mind of anything interesting. I'm so back, baby!

To sum up the last however long it's been (time for my beloved bullets!):

  • I have too much to do
  • I have too little time to do all I have to do
  • winter sucks
  • early spring sucks too, since around here it is indistinguishable from winter
Okay, it's late and that's all I've got tonight. But I'm back! Woo!