Friday, February 02, 2007

Remember Me?

Good Lord, has it really been over a month since I last posted? Shame on me.

Some updates /excuses to use bullets:
  • N has started at a new school. It's a Montessori school. I think it's grand, except for the zoo-like atmosphere at pick-up. N thinks it's kind of dull, mostly because when we were scoping it out, he played with a Transformer toy which he hasn't yet had the opportunity to play with again. He is pining for that toy. His entire notion of what this school would be like was based on the twenty minutes he spent with that toy.
  • G is sporting a shaggy hairdo, since I tried to trim it and he suddenly developed palsy, localized in the head and neck. Consequently, I coached him to, if questioned, blame his new look on a roving pack of rabid beavers. The shag actually looks pretty cute on him, especially now that I braved the scissors again and trimmed up the mullety bit in the back.
  • J is crawling and pulling up on everything. He can climb the stairs. He likes to bop along with music. He has five teeth and more on the way. He likes to stay up late. His poop has suddenly lost its harmless, breastfed, unstinkingness, and has become with toxic sludge. This makes me sad.
  • My cat is still randomly urinating outside the catbox. Always near the back door, always on an article of clothing that has been carelessly left on the floor. This morning it was on N's hat. Gross. I am no longer dosing her with the stuff that makes her foam at the mouth, just scooping the catbox at least twice a day (usually more) and doing regular inspections of the area to make sure there isn't anything tempting her to whiz on it.
  • I recently found an old semi-industrial sewing machine at my favourite thrift store. I paid $8 for it, and got it tuned up for about $75. I am quite delighted. I just picked it up from the shop today and have yet to try it out. Thrills! I am a sewing nerd.
That's about all I've got for tonight. I'm pooped. I tried to go to bed when the kids did, but the baby had other plans for me. That baby, he knows how to par-tay. Whoo.