Thursday, December 14, 2006


That was the sound of me falling right off that daily posting wagon.

I am this close to eating whipped cream straight out of the mixing bowl. I can't decide if that means today is a good day or a bad day.

Husband went to San Fransisco yesterday for a business meeting. He was kind enough to go to Anthropologie while he was there, and buy me a dress to wear to his company's Christmas party. He knew my size, and he has a good enough idea of my taste to pick out one that I liked. I would love to link to an image of it, but I can't find it on the site any more. It looks really cute--until I put it on. It has pintucks which make it look as though I have big, puffy hips and belly. Just what every girl looks for in a dress. Hrm. But I can't exactly return it, since we don't have any Anthropologie shops in these here parts. I may look into returning it online--but for some reason, it doesn't have tags on it. ??! So I may be stuck with a very unflattering dress.

I am still hopeful that I can whip up something in the lovely black satin I purchased recently. I will probably remain hopeful until the afternoon of the party, at which point I will sigh heavily and wear a perfectly nice dress I can finally squish myself back into. And then I will spend the evening trying not to breathe.

Frankly, I should just be glad this is the biggest problem I've got right now. I need to stop whining and go to bed.


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