Wednesday, November 15, 2006

Needles, Christmas, & Testicles--Yeah, Baby

I just loooooove it when I spend the majority of my day finding information online, sift through it to pick out the relevent bits, then try to print what I need, only to find that 1) I'm out of paper, and 2) I'm out of ink. Dagnabbit.

I'm trying to find info to back up my position that my kids don't need the flu shot. Their school says they do. Because it's located within a seniors' continuing care centre, and they implement a multigenerational program (the kids get to hang with the oldsters from time to time), their policy is that every child in attendance must be vaccinated. I understand where they're coming from--they're just doing their best to ensure that everyone, young and old, stays healthy and safe. And I'm doing the same for my kids--I just happen to feel that electing to not inject my kids with the flu vaccine is the best way to keep them healthy and safe.

I'm worried that, although there is no law stating that the vaccine is mandatory, they will refuse to allow my kids to attend without a dose of the flu vaccine in them. Then we'll be back to square one, finding a suitable school (with a different vaccine policy) and getting the kids settled there. N has really come to like it there, and G is getting comfortable now. I would hate to shake up their routines again.


In other news, I bought a couple of Christmas presents today! It's a small dent, but it's a dent. I am having a hard time accepting that Christmas is coming so fast. You'd think all that snow outside would make it a little more real for me, but I can't seem to face facts.

Other, other news: D goes tomorrow to get his "nuts cut." His phrase, not mine. Baby J is the very last amazing, beautiful, little person to grow inside me. Which also means he's the very last actually-not-so-little person to force his way out of me. I am looking forward to one day getting some sleep, hopefully within five years.

One more thing: HALFWAY, BABY! HALFWAY!


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