Friday, November 10, 2006

Mystery! Intrigue! And Some SHOUTING!

Here in the nitty-gritty suburbs, my driveway was the scene of a sting operation last night. And I missed it!

While I galavanted at a housewarming party, falsely secure in the vanilla-bland safety of my 'hood, there were UNDERCOVER COPS in UNDERCOVER VEHICLES parked in MY DRIVEWAY. They were surveilling someone in MY CUL-DE-SAC. Now I am consumed with curiosity--who were they watching? Why?

Were they watching Ed, the guy who washes his car more than anyone I've ever known? Were they watching Motorbike Guy, the guy with the large, stupid dog? Were they staking out the house that's full of yappy little dogs who poop, willy-nilly, all over the grass and sidewalk next to our house? Maybe our next-door neighbours, who excavated a giant hole in their backyard, then stopped all work, leaving huge piles of dirt to wait until spring. What's going on in my neighbourhood? I MUST KNOW!


Blogger xlbrt said...

Are you sure they weren't watching you?

That would be my immediate assumption if I knew there were undercover cops in my vicinity, but then I'm paranoid.

8:18 a.m.  

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