Tuesday, November 07, 2006

Linkety Link Link

Here comes some linkage for all y'all. Carrying it forward after Gus showed me the same kindness. Great idea! Let's spread that NaBloPoMo love!

Kate is having a bad day. That's a shame, since she just had a birthday, and I like to ride that birthday wave for as many days as possible. Here's hoping tomorrow is a happier one!

Badger is shopping with her mom, to the tune of a Tracy Bonham song. I like that song. I like shopping with my mom, too. Heck, I just like shopping.

Andrea is feeling glam today. She's doing the self-portrait challenge! Ooooh, I want to do that! I am not at my most glam today, so it shall wait.

Besides, I have an appointment to RAWK with my beloved. He brought home Guitar Hero II, and we need to get our respective grooves on. Be cool, stay in school, and link, link, link. Peace out, yo!


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