Thursday, November 30, 2006

Last Day!

Technically, it's November 30th now. So why the hell am I still awake?

I was just tidying the kitchen, and rather than empty out the last few ounces of red wine left over from the weekend, I decided to drink it. Three sips later, my head was spinning. I have never felt that spinning head so literally. I couldn't read for the dizziness. I kind of wanted to go up to bed so I could lay down, but I was afraid to attempt the stairs. In a minute or so, it faded. Did I just have a bad wine trip? So much for it helping me go to sleep.

Tomorrow my husband's aunt and cousin are stopping by on their way through town. Suddenly I am seeing my disastrously messy house through their eyes. Even though his cousin is a young mom with two kids (not so little any more, but still), she has never in her life had a house that was not scrupulously clean. Thus the compulsion to tidy the kitchen at midnight. Tomorrow I will mop, or so I tell myself now.

Here's hoping the juniors sleep late tomorrow.


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