Tuesday, November 21, 2006

I TOtally Forgot What I Was Going To Call This Post

So this isit, my NaDruWriNi. I was going to link that, but I'm too lazy right now. Maybe tomorrow. I'mon my 2nd or 3rd glassof wine. Yay Tuesday! Dropping the kids off at school tomorrow is going to be all kinds of cool--I'll just keep my sunglasses on.

Whatever, I'm already the subversive weird mom. I nursed G one day before his nap because I happened to be there, and one of his teachers was astounded. Now I'm digging in my heels about the flu vaccine. They will probably just look knowingly at one another if I show up with a hangover.

I'm feeling a tad bitter about this vaccine business. Does it show?

Wow, I really am drunk. Realy drunk. I'm such a lightweight! Flyweight? I don';t know the difference. My typos are making me smkile. Whateber smkile is. This is only funny to me. And growing funnier. **sip**

I'm trying to reconcile myself to being an introvert. I wish I were more extroverted. I would love to have more friends. There are a couple of ladies in particular that I really enjoy hanging out with, but I never seem to find the time. Then I feel like a douchebag for not making the effort to call them.

"Extroverted" makes me think of "perverted." **sip**

Because I like lists:

I Am
  • Canadian (and the Canadians will get this as the beer reference it is. I don't drink beer, which N calls "beard")
  • a terrible housekeeper
  • a cat person
  • evidently a cheap drunk
  • newly interested in hockey (the playoffs last year pulled me in)
  • broke
  • a Scorpio
  • born in the year of the Dragon (guess how old I am?)
  • on the verge of giving away all the plants I forget to water
  • getting reacquainted (did I spell that right?) with my old love, coffee. Not at tgis moment, mind you
  • sad that I have drunk all the wine
  • grateful that there isn't any more wine, because I would drink it
  • done with this list

Why don't I get drubk more often? (Tomorrow I will tell you why.) Whee! I will regret it if I am successful, but I an going to search out some more wine.

Fortunately---or not--I have truly drunk all the wine. Now I am goingg to play some Guitar Hero with my sweet baboo. Yippee!

This was fun. I think I should do it again before the month is through.


Blogger John Merland said...

I hope you don't feel like a boxed fart in the morning...

1:58 p.m.  

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