Saturday, November 04, 2006

How to Generate Vaguely Entertaining Post Fodder--In Five Short Days

Day One
  • Attend children's party. Notice that your child refuses all snacks.
  • Return home and watch as your child vomits and suffers multiple bouts of diarrhea. Think about all the other children he played closely with that day.
  • Discover that you have left your purse at the party.
Day Two
  • Call party hostess to warn her of possible contagion; learn that two other children have shown signs of illness.
  • Forget to pick up purse.
Day Three
  • Forget to pick up purse.
Day Four
  • Forget to pick up purse.
  • Go to grocery store to buy two items; bring $0.06 less than total price of two items.
Day Five
  • Call hostess to let her know you will finally be coming to pick up purse; receive no answer.
  • Repeat above step--all day.

I wish I could say it was all for the blog...but really, it was just a pretty typical week.


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