Wednesday, November 08, 2006

Dig it!

You Are Red Orange

You are a very genuine person, although it takes a while for you to show the true you.
A bit introverted, you desire respect and affection from those close to you.
You are quite empathetic, and you have a true concern for the well being of others.
Many people have warm, heartfelt memories of you - even if you don't remember them well.

The big kids are finally back at school today. Aaaaah, sweet quiet. I got to shop for groceries with just baby J, which is how I like it. I sipped a coffee while I puttered and meandered through the store, and ended up spending a metric buttload. Ah well, now we have more options for dinner than tomato soup.

Now that the commotion and flurry of children is safely contained elsewhere, I can start to think about sewing again. After the madness of making their Halloween costumes, I needed a little breather. Now I need to start thinking about the dress I want to sew myself for the company Christmas party. Fun! I haven't sewn clothes for me in ages. I might get ambitious and draft my own pattern--we'll see. Can't wait to get cracking!


Blogger ECR said...

I wish I could sew. Or maybe it would be more accurate to say that I wish I enjoyed sewing.

Thanks for stopping by my blog and spreading the links!

5:00 p.m.  

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