Wednesday, November 22, 2006

Day 22! Whoopty Doo! I Like To Rhyme! All The Time!

Okay, just some of the time.

So I wasn't even hung over this morning after my NaDruWriNi. Yay me! I guess it was a good idea to get the heavy drinking (shut up, for me, that was heavy drinking) out of the way immediately after dinner. By bedtime, my buzz had pretty much worn off. A couple of extra pints of water, and I woke this morning feeling extra tired but otherwise none the worse. It may have been better if I'd felt like death this morning. Now I'm cocky.

One of these days I'm going to have to do something with this template--jazz it up a bit. I haven't had a spare moment yet. It kind of feels like moving into an apartment without any furniture. I need to hang up my pictures, artfully toss a few cushions, unroll that area rug. This site looks dulldulldull. One day, pets, do not fear.

My roommate and I actually did that when we moved into our first apartment. We were so excited to be moving out of that hellish little town, we went a few days ahead of our furniture. We slept on the floor, and realized only when we were hungry that we also had no dishes or pots to cook in. We borrowed a couple of things from a nearby friend and cooked up some Kraft Dinner. We ate from a large measuring cup. That was a good day.

A question to ponder through the night: why is Lego so damned expensive? I leave you to it, internet--I expect elucidation on the morrow.


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