Tuesday, November 28, 2006

Crazy Going Slowly Am I

I'm coming apart.

This happens every so often. I let little things pile up, and then some big things sneak up and knock me upside the head, and I stay up too late without actually getting anything accomplished, and then I forget to buy coffee, and things start to unravel. I cope with it by freezing like a deer in headlights, watching the large Mack grille loom ever closer. And I clench my jaw a lot.

So, as much as I've enjoyed this month's NaBloPoMo festivities, I am very excited about the end of the month. One less obligation to fulfill! Now I'll have an extra ten minutes or so each day, which I can spend wringing my hands about all the stuff I'm still not getting done. 'Tis the season, I suppose.

It doesn't help that it's about 90 million degrees below zero (with wind chill!), making it nigh impossible to leave the house. We braved it today to go to an indoor playground. Some defining moments:
  • The closest available parking space was a fair hike to the building. The colder G gets, the more slowly he moves. It was a long, long, long, long walk.
  • Once inside, the kids were happy to drink from the public water fountain. And dribble it down their fronts. And dip their sleeves into it. And get very, very wet. Which feels so refreshing when it's 90 million degrees below zero (with wind chill!).
  • Not that I could talk them into leaving the playground anyway.
  • So I dragged them, pouty and whiny, to the front desk to ask if there was someplace they could wait inside while I fetched the car and brought it to the door, sparing us the long, long, long, long, very, very wet walk through 90 million degrees below zero (with wind chill!).
  • The kind ladies directed me to the child care area, and even gave me a free 1/2 hour. Not only did I get the car, I used the bathroom without watching someone wiggle under the stall door and run away!
  • When I returned to collect the kids, they were extremely disappointed to see me. They didn't care that the car was idling outside, getting all toasty for them and draining the tank of pricey fuel. There were toy cars here. Lord knows they don't get to play with those very often.
  • G zigzagged away as I moved to lead him away from the toy cars he loves more than his own mother. I lumbered gracelessly after him while baby J, who was tied to my chest, merrily clawed at my face and pulled my hair. Pity radiated from the child care staff.
  • I dragged them, pouty and whiny, into the car. They fell asleep about four blocks from home and were sufficiently re-energized to tear the house apart before dinner.

Good times.


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