Monday, September 18, 2006

Hey! Who Turned Off The Summer?

One day was a lovely 27 C, the next was rainy and miserable and frigid. I think we used up all the lovely this year, we've just moved straight into sucky cold. Bah. Why do we live here again?

One plus to the fall season is SCHOOL! N started a new school this year. Actually, it's a daycare (which causes me to suffer spasms of guilt), but it has a kindergarten program which runs through the regular school year. Although N's a bit young, he was placed in the kindergarten room. While he isn't enrolled in the kindergarten program, he gets to do all the stuff they're doing. I was pretty excited about that. And so was he, when we toured the place. But now he tells me he doesn't want to go. I'm so saddened by that.

Part of my dismay is because in October, a spot opens up for G to attend as well (not in the kindergarten room, obviously), which translates into a lot of free time for mumsy! If N doesn't want to go, there isn't really much point in taking G. I'm not interested in schlepping them all over town to different places on different days at different times. A big plus for this place was that both kids could go at the same time, and there aren't a lot of options besides daycare for a 2 year old.

Another thing that's really bothering me is that I feel like I had N pegged totally wrong. "Oh, he'd be fine anywhere there's kids to play with," I told people. "He's so social, I feel like he'd be shortchanged if he stayed home with me all the time. He needs to spend more time with other kids." Now he tells me he really doesn't want to go to school, he wants to stay home with me, he misses me so much when he's at school... And I feel like a jerk for having had such expectations of him.

So now, while I work with his teachers to get to the root of the problem, I'll also be looking into new schools, just in case. Because it wasn't fun enough the first time. Fun like a fork in the eye.

Besides the joy-turned-misery that is the onset of the school year, fall also brings with it the compulsory lung-crushing illness--not for the kids, for me. And at our house, a bonus skin-blistering illness! G has hand-foot-mouth disease. The "disease" part makes it sound pretty terrible. The skin-blistering part makes it look pretty terrible. As far as I can tell, G feels fine. He just looks like his hands and feet have been attacked by venomous insects. When the sores first erupted, Daddy-O was rather disturbed by their pustulence, and suggested that maybe he shouldn't be playing with the same Lego as N. This caused N to back away from G in horror, screaming "NO DON'T TOUCH ME GET AWAY LEAVE ME ALONE," while G, blissfully clueless, thought it was a new game, and chased a terrified N around and around the house.

Good times.

G's leperous episode has not detracted from his potty prowess. He has already mastered peeing standing up, thanks to his older brother's instruction. He is really getting the hang of this toilet business...and I hope he has it totally nailed down very soon. It won't be long before we have numerous layers of winter clothing to deal with, and all the extra time-sensitivity that adds to the equation. I'm imagining myself racing through a crowded mall with lollygagging kids in tow, trying to peel off G's snowpants while juggling the baby, looking in vain for a nearby bathroom. And let's not even discuss how much I look forward to seeing G plop his lil' junk directly onto the ever-so-sanitary rim and brace himself with his hands against the sparkly clean toilet bowl as he pees. Eeew. Maybe diapers wouldn't be so bad for a little longer. Maybe we'll just stay in until spring.


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