Wednesday, August 30, 2006

In The Dictionary Under "Nerd," You Will See This Man's Photo

Today we were to have furniture delivered for the basement. Two guys arrived this afternoon and tried to muscle it down the stairs, but after grunting for a while (I presume moving furniture was all they were doing), they came up and sheepishly admitted they couldn't get it down there. And they had punched a hole in the nice, new wall. So I called the Husband to let him know. He immediately left the office, drove here, and took measurements of the stairwell. Then he went back to work and, using his stairwell measurements and measurements of the furniture, made a 3-D simulation of the furniture going down the stairwell. According to his simulation, it will fit and the delivery guys are useless lumps.

According to me, I married one of the biggest nerds in the universe.


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