Tuesday, May 16, 2006

Bits and Bobs

Wow, is it ever hard to find a minute to post. The kids have finally all sacked out, though G fought the sleep valiantly--and loudly. And now my brain is starting to slowly unfurl from the fetal position and wipe the drool from its face (can a brain have a face?).

For the most part, going from two kids to three has been so much easier than it was to go from one kid to two. G's infancy almost broke me. This time round, it seems so much more do-able. Granted, I am much more sane this time. Yay for drugs! Sanity notwithstanding, there are moments in every day where I start to lose the ability to think rational thoughts, and if I were to verbalize what goes on in my head at those times, it would probably sound something like heep heep heep heep heep. Those are the times when N needs a snack RIGHT NOW, and G has an obnoxiously stinky butt, and J wants to nurse IMMEDIATELY, THANK YOU VERY MUCH, and the phone is ringing and the cat is underfoot because she'd like some kibble please and we were supposed to be somewhere five minutes ago and even though it's not yet ten in the morning a martini is looking mighty good. But those moments pass. I haven't even had a martini yet.

Today was a really nice day. I inflated the pool, to see if it was still in one piece after laying neglected on the ground all winter. It was, so I filled it up, and we spent the afternoon outside. G clambered in fully dressed, before I was finished toting out bucket after bucket of hot water to stave off the hypothermia (ironically, I almost passed out from heat exhaustion). Seeing this, N immediately stripped naked and joined him. So much for trunks. After a while, G allowed me to take his wet clothes off him, and the kids ran around naked all afternoon. I was careful to put lots of sunscreen on their white butts. J slept almost the entire time, and I relaxed in the shade of an umbrella, yet somehow still got pink shoulders. When I finally convinced the kids to come in, I threw their pruney asses into the tub to warm them up (which felt silly after being outside in the blistering heat), and to rinse off the dirt and grass clippings. Good clean fun.

I'm cutting this post short, as I just remembered I have a placenta in my kitchen that needs attention. Yum!

That was more than you needed or wanted to know, I'm sure.


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