Saturday, April 01, 2006

What To Expect When You're Expectorating

Wow. My head is so full of mucous right now. So are my lungs, which are rejecting it via disgusting coughing fits. My head, however, is jealously hoarding all that mucous (so if you were wondering, you can't have any--I know, you're devastated), and now it's seeping into my ears. So while the sounds of the outside world are becoming muffled, I can hear my own wheezy breathing very very clearly. The last time I had an ear infection, I wanted very badly to remove my head. I hope this time doesn't cause as much pain or warrant as much medication. I'm trying not to drug the baby up too much--that said, THANK GOD FOR TYLENOL COLD PM. You can take it when you're pregnant! Happy day!

I'm also liking these antibacterial throat lozenges I picked up, because they quell the nighttime coughing, and I think they make my teeth feel less fuzzy in the morning.


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