Thursday, April 13, 2006

Still Pregnant...Still Sick

I'm counting the days until this baby arrives. I feel like I'm in a race against time, trying desperately to get everything ready before the Big Day. I'm so ready to have this baby...but I'm so unprepared. The preparation is beginning to feel unimportant to me, although I'm still compelled to sort laundry and diapers, and mop the floor, etc etc.

It's a full moon. Lots of women have babies when the moon is full. I am not having a baby. I feel cheated. But still a bit relieved--a little more time to get things ready! Time to scrub a bathroom!

Last night we tried putting the boys in the same room at bedtime. Considering G's inability to sleep anywhere but in his own crib in his own room, I think it went okay. We were only up half the night, not the entire night as I feared. G slept for a while in N's bed with him, and then moved over to the toddler bed we moved in for him. There was much fussing, but there was actually some sleeping too.

Yesterday N was supersniffly, and coughing a bit. Today he's coughing a lot, and sniffling even more. I even gave him cough syrup, and it didn't seem to help a bit. I'm so sick of sickness! I would love for everyone to be well before this kid shows up. But can I wait that long?

Really, I'm not due for another couple of weeks, so I don't know why I'm so impatient. Why am I anxious to have someone waking me up even more than my bigger kids already do? To have someone who requires a thorough cleaning of their butt on an almost hourly basis? Someone who would like nothing better than to be permanently attached to my boob, even when I need to eat or sleep or go pee?

I guess it's time for a change from the feet in my ribcage, the leg cramps, the pressure on my bladder, the occasional six-hour unbroken stretch of sleep...


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