Sunday, April 23, 2006

I Am A Watched Pot

And therefore I shall never boil.

My houseful o' family has all gone home. My mom was here, my sister and her kids spent a night, and my little brother stayed here for a couple of days, but they've all dispersed now, and we are alone again. Waiting.

In other news...

I like to sew. I make baby carriers, or rather, I used to. I haven't touched them since fall, and I've had a bunch sitting in a plastic bin in my garage, doing nothing. Suddenly there was a resurgence of interest in them, and in the space of just a few days, I've sold eight. One of the buyers wants more (to retail) when she sells through the ones she's just purchased. I feel like such hot shit.

I've also been making diapers for the new kid (in case he ever decides to vacate the womb), and tonight I tried a couple of new tricks with my old pattern. I love it! It seems a bit silly to get so excited about a diaper, but I'm really jazzed about it, especially as it may even be a source of income. Of course, I don't foresee having any spare time to sew for the next little while, but in the future, it's entirely possible--especially once N is in kindergarten next year and G is in preschool.

Also of note: my mom gave us her old video camera, which is nice since our camera was stolen last year. Now we can tape the birth if we like, or at least get some footage of the little heel-dragger once he's on the outside.

So aside from this pesky pregnancy going on and on and on, I'm feeling pretty great. Maybe this kid is just giving me a little extra time to get my crap together before he brings total chaos to our life. Thanks dude!


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